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TCP. Ep 11 US Navy Intelligence Expert and Author of the Elle Anderson Series, A.M. Adair

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I’m John Stamp, I spent twenty years in law enforcement. I was a city cop, and I served as a Special Agent with the FBI and NCIS. Now, I write books. This is true crime with a slant. I like the absurd crimes and criminals, and everything in between. From books, to authors, to stories from the field, told by active duty police. I want to cover it all.
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A.M. Adair is an active duty Chief Warrant Officer and Intelligence Specialist with the US Navy. She's also the author of the Elle Anderson Series, an explosive three-book spy thriller that includes Shadow Game, The Deeper Shadow, and Shadow War.

You can Find A.M. at:

 Facebook: @AmaAdair

IG: @A.M.Adair

Twitter: @AMAdair6

LinkedIn: Ama Adair

website: amadair.com

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